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TKGS Unit Buzz Leaders Workshop 11 April

Training Organisation Based In Singapore


Leaders, Teachers and Corporate Personnel, discover your strengths, tap into your passion, and make gains in your life.

In partnership with Kagan International and John Maxwell Leadership Team, our Certified International Training Consultants are very experienced and committed to run a whole repertoire of courses for schools and companies.

For Schools: 
Develop a game changing attitude and enhance your pedagogical skills to raise students’ achievement levels. Your “GROWTH” becomes more significant as you work within the STP framework and grapple with the impending reality of a changing education landscape in 2024.

For Companies: 
Enhance leadership competencies for strategic growth, raise personal effectiveness for greater productivity and build relationship with supervisors and supervisees for performance management.


Courses For Schools

  • Half and Full Day courses.

  • Whole school / subject-based workshops.

  • Coaching and Consultation for transfer into classroom.

Courses For Ministries,

Stat Boards & Corporates

  • Ranging from Leadership to Life-Skills. 

  • Performance Management / Productivity.

  • Aligned to Values/Vision/Mission.

  • Lunch Hour / Half Day / Full Day Training and Coaching.

Kagan Training

  • Exclusive Provider of Kagan Training in South East Asia.

  • Franchised Course Materials from the USA.

  • Half Day to Two Day workshops.

  • Guaranteed to secure student engagement and raise achievement levels.

Overseas Training

Training Consultants have worked with Organisations, Hospitals, Universities, Schools, Teacher-Training Colleges, Monasteries etc. in various countries namely USA, China, India, Russia, Libya, Bhutan, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, Bahrain and Macau.

Strategic Thinking Workshop

   The fluid manner of delivering the learning for us. Ample sharing of personal experiences from both trainers and participants. The learning points provided for every story raised by participants.

                                      - HOD at Cluster Strategic Thinking Workshop

   Fun, engaging, light-hearted. Made strategic Thinking workshop easy to digest.


                                      - HOD at Cluster Strategic Thinking Workshop

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