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Kagan Cooperative Learning

Kagan Structures For Engagement & Achievement

Study Group


Motivate and reach your most reluctant learners with interactive strategies that work! Especially powerful for both secondary and primary teachers who want to increase engagement, boost test scores, and reduce the achievement gap.

You'll build powerful learning teams in your classroom and use the Kagan methods for team formation, teambuilding, classbuilding, management, thinking skills, presentation skills, decision making, communication skills, and social skills.

You'll leave with a toolbox full of Kagan Structures, proven strategies that are easy to use tomorrow and for a lifetime.


  • Boost student learning and engagement with this powerful, proven approach

  • Prevent bullying, violence, and discipline problems by creating a cooperative, caring classroom

  • Pump up the fun, friendships, and liking for learning and each other with Classbuilding and Teambuilding

  • Experience why group work simply doesn't work for everyone, and why Kagan Structures do

  • Save valuable time and energy with easy-to-use structures that make lesson planning a snap

  • Master the different types of pairs and teams, how to form them, and when to use them

  • Provide students the will to work together and the skills to do so successfully

  • Take away hot management tips that will make managing your cooperative class a snap

  • Fully understand and implement basic principles that spell success for your students

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