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Mighty Vocabulary

Supersize Students' Word Knowledge

Kids with Capes


Increasing our students' vocabularies impacts nearly all academic subjects. Come update your vocabulary instructional practices to meet today's standards. You will learn engaging, easy-to-implement, classroom-ready structures to expand and refine your students' academic vocabularies. Experience firsthand the power of proven Kagan Structures that promote vocabulary acquisition.


We learn research-based methods for active word learning, and ways to implement vocabulary seamlessly into your existing lesson plans. 


  • Learn easy strategies to make vocabulary words unforgettable

  • Structure team conversations to use and practice grade-appropriate words

  • Teach students to convey ideas precisely through word choice

  • Develop word knowledge through reading, writing, listening, and speaking

  • Discover strategies for students to demonstrate an understanding of word meanings

  • Make learning vocabulary fun and interactive for your students

  • Show your students how to make terms stick in their minds

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