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Let's Work & Grow!

Communication Skills, Personal Effectiveness & Performance Management

Study Group

Learning Outcomes: Participants should be able to

  • Develop skills in communication and personal effectiveness at work.

  • Understand the performance management process.

  • Develop a positive attitude towards the performance management process.

  • Learn how to use personal strengths to achieve their performance goals.

  • Identify and manage issues that require planning, organisation, memory, time management etc.

  • Release their hidden potential and practice key communication skills for superior performance and job satisfaction.

Content to be Covered

  • Pre Appraisal: Planning with my supervisor

    • Appreciating how the Performance Management Cycle benefits them – the supervisees - the most.

    • Setting goals and clarifying expectations to achieve focused, superior work performance and work satisfaction.

  • Appraisal: Working with my supervisor

    • Documenting work done to prepare for Appraisal Reviews.

    • Viewing feedback as avenue for personal development and growth.

    • Accepting and appreciating feedback with openness.

    • Being less judgmental about supervisors.    

    • Role-playing scenarios.

  • Post Appraisal: Growing with my supervisor

    • Charting their own professional development.

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