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Course Name

Workshop on Team Building for EAS/Admin Staff

Team Meeting

Learning Outcomes: EAS/Admin Staff should be able to

  • Bond with each other, build trust and understand one another through teambuilding that celebrates diversity.

  • Build rapport with one another for healthy professional relationships.

  • Surface barriers to collaboration.

  • Confront their fears to address present concerns.

  • Identify their crucial role in the organisation to add value to their work.

  • Manifest school’s values in both their daily jobs as well as in their key appointment.

  • Establish a healthy culture and unifying work environment to achieve organizational goals, shared mission and vision.

Content to be Covered

  • Importance of communication between EAS / Admin Staff and other stakeholders.

  • Systems Perspective for a Whole School Approach and the respective roles played by all stakeholders.

  • Personal Effectiveness for relationship –building.

  • Social skills to manage emotions, establish positive relationships and make responsible decisions.

  • Building camaraderie and rapport with other personnel to ensure commitment to work.

  • Identifying the difference between a Healthy and Toxic Culture.

  • Case studies/scenarios and hands-on practice

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