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Classbuilding & Teambuilding

Create Buddies, Not Bullies

Happy Children


Why do teachers who do more teambuilding and classbuilding obtain higher academic scores? Teambuilding and classbuilding create relaxed alertness, the ideal state for learning. When students meet their needs for security and belonging, they are free to engage in higher-level learning. Disruptions and discipline problems decrease, speeding up student learning.


When students feel safe, known, respected, and appreciated they enjoy school more, like their teacher more, and are more prepared to learn and work hard.


Come learn from the experts how to create the supportive classroom community that nurtures learning. Provide more nutrients for the brain with energizing classbuilders. Build productive learning teams with a range of teambuilders. Reduce the psychological and emotional distance between classmates and instill in students a sense of belonging. Create a caring, cooperative community of learners—and reap the benefits for your entire teaching career.


  • Learn engaging Kagan Structures you can use for fun and serious learning

  • Create a cooperative and caring class through energizing classbuilding activities

  • Create the “will” for students to work together, and teach the “skills” of teamwork

  • Reduce bullying and prevent violence with a class where students know and like each other

  • Reduce perceived threat and free up students' minds to learn more, think more, and be more creative

  • Develop your students' social skills as they cooperate with teammates and classmates

  • Experience structures to meet the five aims of classbuilding and teambuilding

  • Energize your entire class with movement, groupings, and celebrations

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