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Course Name

Intentional Living – Choosing a Life that Matters

For Staff/Key Personnel

Hand Pile of Happy Group

Learning Outcomes: Teachers should be able to

  • Describe the core tenets of Intentional Living.

  • Bond with each other, build trust and understand one another through teambuilding that celebrates diversity.

  • Surface and confront their fears to build quality relationships as part of Intentional Living.

  • Reflect and draw up a developmental road map for personal growth, using the methods, strategies and techniques supporting Intentional Living.

Content to be Covered

  • Intentional Living and leading a Life of Significance.

  • Making a Difference in the lives of stakeholders in school.

  • Behavioural attributes to meaningfully demonstrate Intentional Living in their daily work, given their different job scopes.

  • Positive self-talk.

  • Finding the ‘Can-Do’ Creative Spirit.

  • Living with a Sense of Anticipation.

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