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Course Name

Barret’s Taxonomy For English Language

Excited Children in Science Class

Learning Outcomes: Teachers should be able to

  • Use student-centric strategies to teach Reading Comprehension.

  • Use Barrett’s Taxonomy to develop/design reading comprehension questions to help ALL students interact with the text to create and construct meaning.

  • Use Barrett’s Taxonomy to assess students orally.

  • Use Barret’s Taxonomy to guide setting of comprehension exam questions.

Content to be Covered

  • Introduction to 5 Levels of Barrett’s Taxonomy for Reading Comprehension.

  • Student interaction strategies and management tips to ensure active participation.

  • Strategies for teaching Reading Comprehension :

    • DART  

    • ReQuest and Pick & Check

    • Checking accuracy for literal, reorganisation and inferential type of questions.

  • Hands-on practice in creating different types of questions.

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