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Course Name

Making Thinking Visible: Thinking Routines

Creative Thoughts

Learning Outcomes: Teachers should be able to

  • Describe different types of thinking moves.

  • Match Thinking Routines to different types of thinking.

  • Apply active-learning strategies to think well and deeply.

  • Use strategies for documenting students’ thinking.

  • Execute both collaborative and self-directed student- centric strategies to Make Thinking Visible in Class.

Content to be Covered

  • Cultural Forces of Thinking

  • Thinking Routines for  

    • Making connections   

    • Building Explanations    

    • Reasoning with evidence

    • Considering different viewpoints & perspectives

  • Thinking Routines for daily Formative Assessments.

  • Hands-on practice- Creating Thinking Routines for different subjects and levels.

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