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Course Name

Staff Welfare / Well-Being:

A Brain-Friendly Workplace To Increase Productivity

Brain Sketch

Learning Outcomes: Participants should be able to

  • Value-add not only to their personal development but also to the organisation.

  • Raise their awareness on how the latest findings/research on the Human Brain can impact their daily lives at work and at home.

  • Apply their newly acquired knowledge on how the brain functions to enhance their productivity.

  • Improve their focus at work.

  • Cut down home distractions.

Content to be Covered

  • Nourishing the brain for greater productively at work.

  • Improving work performance via hydration, easy breathing techniques and selected exercises for creative problem solving.   

  • Reducing stress and mental anxieties to function in a professional manner.   

  • Creating a sense of camaraderie at the workplace.  

  • Working productively at work without anxieties about family members.    

  • Eliciting the power of positive emotions.    

  • Demonstrating Respect, in their official work duties.

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